Fixing a Mercedes-Benz that will not start

A Mercedes-Benz is a beautiful car that adds the spice of luxury to your life as an owner. They are powerful machines with smooth engines that serve you wonderfully. To own such a vehicle means you must be prepared to put effort into maintaining and repairing it regularly especially when you buy a used Mercedes. Proper care of a used Mercedes-Benz guarantees that it serves for a long time without problems.

Even though its beautifully engineered, your Mercedes can occasionally have a problem.  Maybe ne day it won’t start. Thankfully, there are simple ways to analyze the problem and fix them without needing the help of a professional. Read on to learn the ways you can fix a Mercedes-Benz that won’t start.

Reasons why your car won’t start

Of course, before you proceed to solve such mechanical problems, it is important you know the cause of the problem. Possible reasons include:

  • A battery problem
  • A faulty starter
  • A faulty spark plug
  • One or more electrical issues

Before you begin…

The following conditions must be met to enable you to fix the problem with your Mercedes-Benz.

  • Start its Drive Authorization System
  • Ensure there’s sufficient fuel to run the car
  • There should be electrical power to turn over the engine
  • There needs to be a spark (if it’s a petrol model)

Tips to Fix

  1. Start with the battery

A lot of starting problems arise from the battery. The first thing to do for your car especially a used Mercedes-Benz that won’t turn is to check the battery’s age and charge.

A regular car’s battery need to be replaced every 6-7 years. If the age isn’t the problem then the battery might just have a low charge. You can identify this when the engine turns over once or makes a few clicks before stopping. This can be fixed if you trickle charge the battery with a 12-volt battery charge.

  1. Fuses and relays

Fuses and relays present an electrical problem that may involve the starter circuit, EIS, fuel pump or ignition. If any of these fuses burn out then it could prevent the car from turning. Check each fuse with a digital multimeter and replace any burnt fuse you observe or call a professional to change it.

  1. Spark problems

You will observe this if the car cranks but doesn’t completely start. In this case, a spark plug replacement could be all you need. Simply obtain the spark test tools and replacement parts from a store and change them at home.

  1. Fuel problems

This is a simple problem but it’s most times overlooked. If the Mercedes-Benz won’t start, ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the vehicle. Check the fuel filter for any blockage, frayed parts or dirt. Replace it immediately if it is compromised. The problem could also be from the fuel pump and pump relay system. This fault may be beyond your capabilities, and you should call in a professional to fix this.